Directions to B&B L'Angelot

We advise our guests who travel by car to print these directions and to consult them once arriving in Antraigues. They will be usefull  during the last 2 kilometers also if you use a navigation system!

L'Angelot is located very close to Antraigues-sur-Volane, a village in the heart of the French Ardèche, a lush, green and sunny region in Southern France.

By car:

Coming from the north: take on Motorway A7 Exit n° 16 ‘Loriol’.
Coming from the south: take on Motorway A7 Exit n° 18 ‘Montelimar Sud’.

It takes about one hour to drive via Aubenas and Vals-les-Bains to Antraigues.
Once you arrive at Antraigues:
Follow the sign ‘Centre Bourg” (very sharp bend to the right). Turn left at the épicerie (small supermarket) and follow the road down for about 500 m. Than follow ‘toutes directions’ (again a very sharp bend to the right) and follow a narrow road (carefull!). Turn left after the first house. You cross a little river and directly after you turn right and follow the sign on the rock: “l’Angelot 500 m”.
There is parking space behind the garage.
"Fly & Drive" or "Train & Drive"

Since several airlines have flights from England to various French airports it might be practical for you to consider "Fly & Drive". The airports of Lyon (British Midland), Nîmes (Ryan Air from Luton) and Grenoble (Ryan Air from Stansted) are all at only 2 hours driving from L'Angelot.  At each airport you can rent a car with the major rental companies.

Eurostar/TGV is a fast way to cross France while enjoying the beautiful countryside. Through the internet you can find direct connections for Avignon but mostly there is a change of trains in Lille or Paris. You also can choose the destinations Valence or Montelimar which are even a bit closer to the Ardèche! At each station the major car rental companies have there offices.
By car it takes max. 2 hours to drive to L'Angelot. To be more specific:

from Avignon: 2 hours
from Valence: 1h 30 m
from Montelimar: 1h 15 m

Starting May 1st 2015 there is a fast Eurostar (less than 6 hours) from London St. Pancras to Avignon TGV!