Opening mid July

Mid March we left the Netherlands for the Ardeche. The plan was to be present at the last few weeks of the renovation and to start cleaning, painting and dressing the house ourselves. May first was the planned opening date.

But then there was COVID-19.... 1 day after we arrived France went into lockdown and our renovation team left. The work came to a standstill. Together with 2 friends we worked very hard since that time to get L' Angelot as far as possible and we came very far. However, for some things we need craftsmen and they will come back in the 2nd half of June.

That means we have to postpone our opening until mid-July. Then L' Angelot will be ready to offer her guests a nice holiday spot. With a bit of luck the borders will be open again and otherwise at least French guests are welcome.

We will keep you informed!

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