Dolce Via

And then there is Dolce Via, an old railway track (more than 90 km in total) that has been revived by turning it into a cycling route. The route leads through the beautiful Eyrieux valley, where you can enjoy the natural beauty that this area has to offer. The route is dominated by a wooded area, picturesque villages and of course the sun. The cycling route is not recommended with a road bike, but we recommend cycling with thick tires (mountain bikes and the like), because large parts are not asphalted.


You can cycle endlessly in Ardèche. There are numerous cycling routes for sports enthusiasts, recreational and young cyclists. Everywhere small roads are winding up and down, often evenly and with many places to enjoy the beautiful nature and panoramic views.

Go to RouteYou and select your cycling routes nearby Antraigues. L' Angelot offers secure storage for your bicycle and a number of tools for maintenance .


And of course hiking in Ardèche! There are numerous hiking trails with well maintained hiking paths. There is even an official hiking trail that crosses the domain of L' Angelot starting from Antraigues to the castle of Craux. Hikes vary from 2 hours to the whole day that can meet your experience level. we have different hiking maps and trails available.

On the following link TrailExplorer you can find multiple hiking trails in Ardèche, where you can also download the GPS route.


A spectacular activity for young and old!

Canyoning is probably one of the most spectacular outdoor activities you can do in Ardèche. Canyoning is a convivial, entertaining activity, whereby with jumps, swimming, abseil descents, ziplines, slides, and river walking you make your way through a canyon through which water flows. A canyon provides a beautiful and impressive surrounding which you do not visit often. The sites are breathtaking and inspiring due to the flora and fauna they are home to and the stunning landscapes they reveal. Ardèche has the most beautiful canyons and nearby L' Angelot you can find Base Canyon de la Besourges 



Sport climbing

Ardèche has many possibilities for climbing. On the official website of Ardèche Tourisme you can find more information.

Via Ferrata

For more excitement, you can use a zipline across the Adrèche river. This activity can also be found at Base Canyon de la Besourges 

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